#‎Dont­Fall­ForTheP­ump­Fake‬ .… don’t think they aint already pre­pared for any out­come, and have a means to make it to their advan­tage. Dont think that they don’t expect your anger and pos­si­bly your vio­lence, your FB posts and your pick­et lines. Your peti­tions and your protests. What they do not think you CAN or WILL do is orga­nize against the bot­tom line. 

The dol­lar is the means, as I said before: ‪#‎The­P­ow­erIsInY­our­Pock­et‬. You wan­na orga­nize? Orga­nize the boy­cott of those who sup­port the pow­er struc­ture that oppress­es you. How you think a peo­ple that already dont respect you goin respect you now since you stood, walked, yelled, screamed, talked, sang, post­ed, re-post­ed, blogged, or dis­cussed. They still dont. They respect that almighty dollar.

To be more effec­tive take a page out of THEIR book. Starve the com­pa­nies that sup­port the police in your area. Orga­nize boy­cotts of the indus­tries that sup­ply the police with gear and dona­tions. Starv­ing them will in turn starve your police dept of very need­ed sup­port and thus cause them to lis­ten and implement. 

Mon­i­tor the changes for a peri­od and make sug­ges­tions to bet­ter those new­ly imple­ment­ed changes. Once they are to the lik­ing of the peo­ple they police begin to slow­ly lift the boy­cott to keep them remind­ed of the strength of the orga­nized dollar.

To fur­ther the plan, while in the midst of the boy­cott against the indus­tries that sup­port the local gov­ern­ment, pool your funds and donate to the sup­port group every PD has. This will buy you an audi­ence with the PD as those who donate gen­er­ous sums to the police get a spe­cial audi­ence with them. They will invite you to meet­ings and din­ners with offi­cials of the local gov­ern­ment. Send an elect­ed proxy to speak on behalf of the com­mu­ni­ty, give them a list of your con­cerns, ideas and ques­tions and have them report back to the group. 

THIS is how the wealthy have done it for years. THIS is how they seem to have the jus­tice sys­tem in their pock­et, by open­ing their pock­et to the jus­tice sys­tem. Know where pow­er real­ly lies because THEY already know.

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