I look over my FB time­line and see the symp­toms of a “Land of no Love” … I dont always agree with turn­ing the oth­er cheek, but I could nev­er argue against loving.

Besides, How much of a win could any vic­to­ry be if you your­self lost your love in the process. Hate cor­rupts. Many times both the oppres­sor and the vic­tim end up bit­ten by hate, so while I do want jus­tice I under­stand that it is NOT WORTH the lit­tle love I got left to give.

Love needs jus­tice, and jus­tice requires love. Jus­tice w/o love can­not be con­sid­ered impar­tial so I can­not believe it to be true jus­tice, that’s just called ‘get­tin some get back.’ So many describe their ideas of what jus­tice is and most seem fueled by anger and hate. The real tragedy then is not the issue at hand but that we have let an exter­nal issue sap the love out of us.

The civ­il rights move­ment was the suc­cess that It was, for one rea­son. Love. Love was the motive and the means. Mal­colm had love for his peo­ple but did not hate his oppres­sor. He under­stood that hat­ing his oppres­sor would cor­rupt the love he had for his own. Hate being con­ta­gious would have spread through­out his com­mu­ni­ty and would have replaced love as the motive, and hate only fuels more hate.

Mal­colm used the love he had for his com­mu­ni­ty as the moti­va­tion to seek jus­tice from the oppres­sor. Had it been the oth­er way around, had he hat­ed his oppres­sor and uti­lized that hate as fuel to appeal for jus­tice the out­come would have been much dif­fer­ent, at very least the def­i­n­i­tion of jus­tice would have been askew and arguably per­vert­ed. And eas­i­ly Mar­tin, who left no room for hate, loved both his peo­ple and his ene­my. So I leave you with this:

Pow­er with­out love is reck­less and abu­sive, and love with­out pow­er is sen­ti­men­tal and ane­mic. Pow­er at its best is love imple­ment­ing the demands of jus­tice, and jus­tice at its best is pow­er cor­rect­ing every­thing that stands against love.”

― Mar­tin Luther King Jr.

The prob­lem with allow­ing your­self to hate your ene­my is hate is pre­dictable. You then allow your­self to become a pawn in a chess game, along with the man, or men who you have decid­ed are your ene­my who them­selves are pawns belong­ing to anoth­er king and queen. I leave you with this last quote:

This shit’s chess it aint checkers!”

― Alon­zo (Den­zel Wash­ing­ton) “Train­ing Day”

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